Andrew OBrien Artist

 Melbourne-based painter Andrew O'Brien will tonight unveil a new show at Sydney's Corporate Culture in Chippendale. The solo show, comprising 22 works, 12 of which are large in size, demonstrates Mr O'Brien's natural mastery of what is a traditional medium. The artist spoke with us about the show. 

MITCHELL OAKLEY SMITH How long have you been working on this show? 
ANDREW O'BRIEN I started the first series of works over summer, with a series of outdoor sketches based on the landscape at Quarantine on the Mornington Peninsular. I was very influenced by the area's unique landscape, which has the ocean separated by only a couple of hundred metres from the bay. The area is remarkably temperate, with unique maritime climate that varies from sea fogs, winter tempests and blazing hot rhythmic days. 
MOS Does it differ greatly from your previous work, or is it an extension of that? 
AB The work is an extension of the previous show in terms of the underlying archaeology of the handling of the paint. Its main departure is in relation to colour and the use of contrast as a bolder means of expression. The forms are more tightly packed, bound and delineated on the canvas, and this is a response to the physical isthmus of Quarantine. I think subconsciously there is a cultural narrative about the role of quarantine that may be found in my work. That said, it's the relationships that colour and form have with one another that should engage the viewer. If the show is a success its because I have been successful in engaging the viewer.