Commissions and Projects

Andrew works very closely with Architects and Interior Designers. He works with many of Australia's leading design professionals to create works of art that respond to the space and the client's requirements.

Andrew's work is often oversized in scale and many of his key works have been between 3 and 4 meters in length, and adorn some of Australia’s grandest homes and corporate spaces.

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Editioned Prints & Commercial Projects

Andrew's studio is also equipped with the very latest design and print technology. The studio has completed many projects where works are editioned on paper, or printed onto new substrates such as board, aluminium panel and wallpapers.

Local and International Private Collections 

Qantas  -  Hancock Prospecting 

Crown Casino - Royal Children's Hospital

ASF Shipping - CBA Bank - Maquerie Bank

Santos - Peter Rowland -  3Degrees Marketing 

Andrew O'Brien Artist

Templestow Residence for Christopher Elliot Design

Oracle No 1.

3600 by 1600. 

Oil on Canvas 2013

Andrew O'Brien Greg Natele

Brisbane House

For Greg Natele Design 


Brisbane Untitled No1, No2, No 3 

1800 x 900 (1800 x 2700)

Oil on Panel  

Hard wood Frame 

Basel House

For Sdf K Design


320 x 5200

Oil on Panel  

Hard wood Frame